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12V LiFePO4 Battery
server rack lifepo4 battery

comprehensive battery protection

high-standard factory testing

advanced configuration battery management system (bms)

ip65-rated waterproofing

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24V LiFePO4 Battery
wall-mounted lifepo4 battery
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Every battery comes with a Battery Management System (BMS), guaranteeing secure operation

Overcharge Protection

Over-discharge Protection

Over-current Protection

Short-circuit Protection



Temperature Protection

Electrostatic Protection

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Tailored Energy Solutions

thoughtful service support

Perfect after-sales service and quality assurance, Full Refund for quality issues


Voltage and capacity as well as appearance are customized to meet your specific needs.

b2b & agency partnerships

Strategic partnerships for B2B and regional agencies, fostering mutual growth

global supply & delivery

Worldwide shipping for seamless supply chain integration.


Annual Production Units

Reliable lithium-ion battery supplier


Annual Production Units

Reliable lithium-ion battery supplier

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Capacity//Standard unit: Ah

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