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Acenergy Portable Solar Panel - 100W

Acenergy Portable Solar Panel - 100W

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ACENERGY 100W Solar Panel, convert solar to renewable power with this monocrystalline solar panel! With a high solar conversion efficiency of 23.5%, it's ideally suited for outdoor activities and even unexpected power outages. The ETFE-laminated case extends the lifespan of the solar panel. and it weighs only 5.5kg. It's lightweight, foldable, IP67 waterproof, and easy to carry around when taking off-grid adventures.

  • Process: One piece lamination
  • Operating voltage: 19.8V
  • Open circuit voltage: 23.4V
  • Standard power: 100W
  • Unfolded size: 160x53x0.5cm
  • Operating current: 5.05A
  • Application scenario: Outdoor energy storage
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